The KetoClean Lifestyle Eating Plan!

Your first step to taking back control of your health!

We know you're here because you are concerned about your health, energy, mental clarity and perhaps the health of your family and loved ones.  You're also most likely here because you've done the research, and can see that this is an opportunity to take charge of your health in a proven program created by someone who understands what's required.

Most people around you are battling asthma, allergies, sleep problems, mood disorders, digestive problems, recurring colds and flu, or skin disorders. Many have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer or diabetes type 2. They are overweight, tired and sick! These conditions are driving you off the highway of health, and onto the exit ramp to degenerative disease. The future doesn’t seem as bright when you don’t have your health.

Imagine instead that you have abundant energy and the mental clarity to excel at what you do. How would your life be different if you experienced optimal health? How would it impact your work, your passion, your family?

Finding your way back to wellness isn’t easy, especially for successful professionals, entrepreneurs and high performing individuals. You’re responsible for work, your family, your bank account, all while trying to squeeze in a vacation every once in a while. And it’s frustrating when members of the medical community want to prescribe another drug or surgery to treat the symptoms. You know that something is wrong but traditional medicine just doesn’t provide any way to figure out what it is.

There is a confusing array of information available, but who has the time to analyze this sophisticated web of data? You know the road you’re heading down does not have a happy ending. You simply don’t have the time to figure things out. You don’t have the knowledge to change course. And achieving optimal health should not be a confusing conversation. That’s why I put together the KetoClean Lifestyle.

Dr Linda Huxtable
Dr Linda Huxtable
The Doctor

About the instructor

Linda Huxtable has been practicing holistic medicine for almost forty years, owning and operating a large, innovative integrated clinic which provided healthcare services and product to hundreds of patients prior to moving to Florida.

•    Yale University
•    Clayton School of Natural Healing
•    The Rolf Institute
•    Great Lakes College of Complementary Medicine (GLCCM)
•    American Academy of Neural Therapy (Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt)
•    German ND Andreas Marx (biological medicine)
•    Dr. Gunter Enderlein (isopathic and homeopathic principles)
•    Upledger Institute (Osteopathic Techniques), Dr. Jean Pierre Barral
•    Visceral (organ) Manipulation

She participates and presents in conferences and workshops that keep her current in this fast changing field, A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) conferences being one of her favorites.

A lot of what she does is centered around nutritional counseling:  Linda offers initial phone consults to determine how she might help.  Based on the phone call and a Health Assessment Questionnaire, she usually follows up with another conversation, and recommendations.  If the client doesn't have recent lab results, she will recommend a lab test from labs she has had relationships with for several years.

Linda brings her extensive training and experience with holistic healing to an integrated system that usually  includes nutrition and energy medicine. The synergistic effect of these therapies is enhanced by her sincere and compassionate consideration of the whole person. The client’s body, mind, and spirit are all addressed in developing individualized treatment plans.
Linda takes time to develop a loving, caring relationship with each client. One of her primary goals is to assist the client in defining, confronting, and alleviating health problems that may exist. Clients are given the support to assume responsibility for their own health, and guidance from Linda to help make choices which will result in optimum vitality and well-being.  Relationships with professional grade suppliers like Xymogen, Quicksilver, Metagenics, Friedlander, Sovereign Laboratories, Rhein Labs, Spectracell, RGCC and several others make it possible to recommend the best options available for your health - and Linda is constantly doing research to make sure she's recommending the very best!

What's included?

6 Videos
2 PDFs

Here's just part of what you get!

What is ketosis and why is it important?  What difference will it make in the way you think, feel, your weight, your BMI?  What does it have to do with inflammation?  Neuroinflammatory problems, joint problems, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia?  Mitochondrial function?

What is the difference between a ketogenic diet and the KetoClean Lifestyle ketogenic diet?   Why grass fed, grass finished?  Why wild caught?  Why organic, what are glyphosates and why are they harmful to you? 

What is the microbiome and why is it important to restore this?  How can you restore your microbiome through using KEEP and what else should you do?  Fermented foods are mentioned.

  • We will talk about blood level glucose and how to measure and the impact of blood level glucose on your health.  Using the insulin/glucose pathway to fuel your body leads to MANY degenerative diseases and decreased longevity, mental clarity and energy!
  • You will be given a shopping list to stock your refrigerator and freezer and pantry.  This is a daunting undertaking for people who have been spending hard earned money on toxic, devitalized food, and we are going to make this much simpler for you to ensure your success!
  • You will be given online resources to order ketogenic foods and resources to find local sources.  This has been an ongoing quest for us for many years and you will get the benefit of our trials and errors without wasting your time and money.
  • You will be given 28 days of ketogenic meal menus.  How easy can it get?  REALLY easy!
  • We will discuss intermittent fasting and the benefits of using it.  Dr Mercola just said that the research is showing that fasting rivals expensive stem cell injections for creating healthy stem cells in your body.  Find out how to use fasting and how to make it easy.  No hunger, no discomfort.
  • We will discuss the importance of fermented foods and sourcing.  Another daunting undertaking.  UNLESS you would like to choose the easy and delicious suggestions we have for you.
  • We will share recipes and discuss recipe sources.  These recipes get rave reviews and will become your standby favorites.  Make ahead, be prepared, easy recipes to help you succeed.
  • All participants will have access to a private group Facebook page to support each other and get questions answered.  Having a community to support you increases the probability that you will succeed and once you do, you will never look back.   This is an easy, incredible way to eat for life, for mental clarity, for energy, for robust health!

Total Immersion or Wading in.  Which is best for you?

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